New Installations

New Door Installation Service in Glendale and Phoenix, Arizona (AZ)

New Door InstallationsWe offer full installations on all types of doors. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, our honesty with our clients, and our fairness. In addition, every part we install comes with a one-year warranty. If you have any issues with your doors during that first year, just let us know and we’ll make the repairs free of charge.

When selecting doors for your business, you want to choose a quality product that will serve its intended purpose for many years to come. At ASAP Door Repair & Service, we deliver just that. Whether you need a security door, storefront door, or loading dock door, we can provide you with a wide range of appropriate solutions from which to choose so that you can find something that suits your needs and is durable and attractive.

A Wide Selection of Doors to Suit You

We provide a variety of custom door solutions for your business including:

Storefront Doors

Store Front DoorsWelcome visitors to your location in style with beautiful storefront doors. Choose bronze or aluminum frames — or think outside the box with your choice of colored frames. We can install single or double doors, either manual pull style or automatic. Comply with ADA standards by adding a push button or give your customers an electronic assist with sensored automatic doors. These beautiful glass storefronts are available with clear or tinted glass, either insulated or non-insulated. No matter which options you choose, your doors will let everyone know they’re invited to enter.

Security Gates & Fences

Security GatesYou want your property or location to be secure, but you also want it to have excellent, massive curb appeal. Security gates and fences do just that and are built to your exact specifications. Whether you need gates to swing or slide open, manual or automatic entrance with a sensor or remote control, heavy duty for multiple daily openings or sturdy enough to welcome you home from your daily commute, we have your solution. And our fences complement the gates perfectly to give you easy access while keeping your items and property safe. Let our custom metalworkers create a one-of-a-kind security gate or fence for your commercial or residential needs and add a touch of class.

Gate Operators

Gate OperatorsTurn your manual gates into automatic entryways with a gate operator. We ensure that your gates are in compliance with all safety regulations and are able to accommodate your needs. No matter if it’s a sliding or swing gate, we carry the top manufacturers to find the perfect fit; our favorite go-to brand is Elite. Our gate operators are perfect for both commercial and residential gates. Let us choose the right operator for your traffic flow.

Dumpster Enclosures

Dumpster EnclosuresNo one wants to air their dirty laundry — or garbage! Keep those dumpsters behind closed doors with either a paneled door or custom metalwork gates to turn an eyesore into a centerpiece. We will even add a lock if you need to keep the area secure. And if your dumpster enclosures are in need of repair, we can replace old hinges and latches to get them working perfectly and keep your trash behind the scenes.

Glass Walls

Glass WallsDo you want to create more separate office areas but don’t want to change the feel of an open floor plan with drywall and paint? Interior glass walls may be the perfect solution. Whether you prefer a half wall to partition cubicles or a floor-to-ceiling option with an inset door, our Herculite glass adds a durable, beautiful look to your office space. Glass doors provide privacy and immediately add class to an otherwise ho-hum office.

Custom Entries

Custom EntriesSeparate your retail location from the competition with a unique look that says you’re different. A beautiful, custom entryway speaks volumes to your visitors and sets the tone for what follows. Let us incorporate Herculite glass or custom metalwork to blend with your architectural style and make your customers want to walk in!

Aluminum Handrails

Aluminum HandrailsUpdate the look of average handrails with our custom aluminum handrails, both inside and outside of your office building. Add glass inlay for a more upscale look or try custom metalwork to complement your architectural style. You may just turn your stairway into the gathering place for employees and visitors alike!

Automatic Doors

Take the guesswork out of push and pull by transforming manual doors into automatic versions of their former selves. You can comply with ADA standards with the addition of push-button access to open just one or two doors, or offer your customers and employees the luxury of hands-free operation with sensors above all of your entryways. Trust our favorite brands to do the job: Tormax and Besam.

Glass Storefront

Glass StorefrontA glass storefront on an office building gives it a completely new look, immediately improving the look from the street and drawing in the attention of passersby. Our glass walls go from ground to ceiling right over the existing brick and mortar so installation is a breeze while the transformation is significant.

Hollow Metal Doors

Hollow Metal DoorsHollow metal doors provide excellent security for the back of a building, deterring break-ins. We can repair or install the perfect door for you, whether you need a fire- or non-fire-rated door. Full, welded astragals add an extra level of security with steel plates that prevent would-be thieves from prying open the door lock.

Sectional Doors

Sectional DoorsDoors of all sizes can fit into tighter areas if they are sectional doors, moving up panel by panel until they are tucked away at the top of the ceiling. Choose from insulated or non-insulated sectional doors; either version offers a secure barrier to your company’s bay door area for safe, easy loading and unloading.

Rolling Steel Doors

Rolling Steel DoorsIf you have an industrial building, rolling steel doors are a must for loading and unloading contents to and from your freight trucks. These durable, heavy-duty doors roll up and out of the way, yet they lock securely to keep weather out and your valuable merchandise in. Let us install or repair your rolling steel doors.

Mini-Storage Doors

Mini Storage DoorsSimilar in style to rolling steel doors, mini-storage doors are on a smaller scale and made of one-piece sheet metal. These smaller doors are the perfect fit to secure your customers’ valuables at your mini-storage location. We can install new doors or repair what you have with new slide locks.

Garage Doors

Garage DoorsASAP Door Repair & Service sells and installs commercial and residential garage doors, regardless if you need one or a dozen. We carry a large variety of options, including insulated, non-insulated, high lift, manual, motorized, single car, double door, or even larger! Add interest to your garage door with inset glass in any pattern you prefer.

Security Over Storefront

Security Over StorefrontBroken glass on storefront doors and windows can be a costly repair. Protect your investment with roll-up sheet-metal doors that are mounted above the doors and windows to tuck away during business hours and easily pull down after closing. These one-piece security doors are a cost-effective way to increase your security.

We proudly carry a number of top-of-the-line brands, including:

besam Clopay CRL
curries horton Janus
liftmaster Micanan Tormaxlogo
Cookson Chase FirstUnited

If you need a door that’s out of the box, just let us know. Our vendors have a variety of doors available. A talented member of our team will come to your location and take the measurements — and more importantly, listen to your needs and wants. We then take that information and find the perfect door that works exceptionally well and also becomes a focal point of your business or home.

Call on us to add a touch of elegance and security to all of the entry points to your business: entry and interior doors, dock equipment, security gates, gated screen doors, and automatic doors. Just ask; we can probably do it!

Quality Work, Superior Service

Our customers know that they can trust us with their projects, whether big or small. We are involved with you from the first measurement until long after the project is complete, and we provide a one-year warranty on all items we install.

With more than 40 years of experience, we can correctly budget projects and provide a schedule and cost that works for you. Pair that with a team of technicians and draftsmen focused on providing you with unsurpassed service and quality, and you know you’re in good hands with ASAP Door Repair & Service.

Custom Metalwork

We don’t stop at doors when it comes to keeping your business secure and appealing. We can also create nearly any metalwork project you desire: stairs, gates, fencing, shelves, and handrails are just the beginning! We can work with custom-cut stainless steel, aluminum, and steel.

Contact us for your custom fabrication projects and ideas. Together, we can build your dream.